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三村小松山縣法律事務所 海事・物流専門ページ
三村小松山縣法律事務所 海事・物流専門ページ

- Our Shipping & Logistics Section -

In April 2020, Mr Yuji Okuchi, a lawyer with experience in maritime & logistics field, joined as a partner, and thus our Shipping & Logistics Section was established with Mr Okuchi being the Head of the Section.
Our Shipping and Logistics Section will provide comprehensive services from a wide perspective, utilising practical experiences with a wide range of customers, such as shipowners, shipping companies, P & I clubs, insurance companies, shipyards, logistics companies, NVOCCs and forwarders, warehouse companies, ship management companies, trading houses, ship brokers, salvage companies, investors, financial institutions and leasing companies.
In addition, with a strong belief that maritime and logistics industries are indispensable infrastructure for society, we would like to be a group of legal experts who will seek out what we can do to contribute to society.

三村小松山縣法律事務所 海事・物流専門ページ

三村小松山縣法律事務所 海事・物流専門ページ

- Thoughts of our Head Mr Okuchi -

Our Head, Mr Okuchi, has a strong belief that lawyer practice has to be not a commerce but a professional. Mr Okuchi has been especially good at strategic consulting and dispute resolution (negotiation, litigation and arbitration) in maritime & logistics field. Mr Okuchi has various experiences, such as settlement of a lot of claims in a large ship sinking case, settlement of claims in international mediation case where three parties are involved, a winning settlement of a multi-billion-Japanese yen claim in shipbuilding dispute, advice in the event of a U.S. class action, assistance in competitive bidding, advice on a project involving the Government of Japan, advice to a new entrant in maritime & logistics field, preferential recovery using maritime lien during insolvency proceedings.
When it comes to dispute cases, some may be in a disadvantageous situation due to mighty power of the other party. Others may be struggling with prejudice or unfavorable reputation from the public who doesn't know true background of the case. We would like to do our best effort to break the situation.
In addition, Mr Okuchi has practical experience in a wide range of legal fields, including commercial transaction law, labour law, company law and general civil or criminal matters. Taking advantage of this, our Shipping & Logistics Section has the desire to "be not only a specialist for maritime & logistics companies but like a home doctor.
Further, our firm has an advantage of having various lawyers with different backgrounds. Taking advantage of this, after the initial diagnosis by a lawyer of our Shipping & Logistics Section, we can cooperate in our firm, if necessary. Moreover, in the event outside experts are required to deal with certain case, we would like to form a team and cooperate with the experts. Bearing in mind various circumstances, we would like to seek out what the best solution for our clients is.

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